Native Sun's Project

Godgorio's logo sketches

One of the objective of the redesign was to keep the old Sun of the logo which was tricky to incorporate because it had a not so good looking coloring and design overall but i managed to sketch multiple logos in which i tried to play with the colors,fonts and integrity

Original Logo

Sketch #1

in this sketch i left the old sun and change the font for a more corporate look but with out much feeling which i didn't liked much but led to the creation of the next sketch

Sketch #2

in this sketch I went for a kind of Retro Miami look with a bold font but totally ignoring previous rules

Sketch #3

in this sketch i recolored the original shape of the sun and added a clean Yellow/orange gradient to emphasize the sun's appearance and also added a bolder font to give it a more modern corporate look

Sketch #2

in this sketch i went for a totally different look overall of the sun and replaced it with a half circle followed by a palm which resembled the southern feel of the old logo